How To Install And Configure NTP Server In Debian

Okay, before I start install tutorial and ntp server configuration, how would I explain in advance the notion of ntp server? and also the usability of ntp server?

NTP stands for Network Time Protocol, a protocol for synchronizing a clock system on a computer against an accurate source, via an intranet or internet network. While the NTP Server is a server that is useful to synchronize the time to an accurate time source, and transmit the time information packet to the client computer requesting

This NTP Server is very useful if you manage a very tight network in time affairs. so the time available on each client will be exactly the same as our server

To make this NTP server is not so difficult. and this time I will give the tutorial. I am here using debian 7. if you have debian other than version 7, eg debian 8 or debian 6 do not worry, because basically the same first you have to install it first

# apt-get install ntp ntpdate

then the ntp server configuration is

#nano /etc/ntp.conf

Look for writing iburst
add fence (#) from server 0 to 3 and write server under server 3

next search again posts restrict mask notrust and remove the hash mark (#) at the beginning of the post. change to restrict 192.168.32 (as per your ip) .0 mask nomodify notrap

then save the configuration by pressing ctrl + x then y then enter

restart the ntp server with the # service ntp restart command
then check the ntp server is running well or not with the command #ntpq -p. if it is good on the jitter will be worth 0.001 or 0.000. if you have not researched the file configuration before there maybe something wrong.

Then you try by first test through the debian server directly with the command #ntpdate -u will appear more or less like omdimas the following

then try to open the time settings on your windows client. go to date and time, select internet time, change settings … will appear new window

then check on “Syncronize with an …” enter ip server then Update now.

if it already says “The clock was successfully syncronized with …” it means you managed to sync the time to your ntp server

#note: if there is still any error writing, try repeating press Update now, it usually takes several times
good luck

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