How to install debian 8

Debian is a free operating system (from freedom meaning freedom) to your computer. The operating system is a collection of basic programs and utilities that your computer needs to work.

Debian 8.0 was released April 25, 2015. The release includes many major changes, described in press releases and Release Notes.

To get and install Debian, see the installation information page
and Installation Guide. To upgrade from an older Debian release, see the instructions in Release Notes on its official website at

Steps to install debian 8:

1. Setting the BIOS of your computer like time and others including boot priority to boot over DVD / CD or you can make booting via flash or other media you can use the initial process after booting via debian DVD as shown below
you can select “install” by pressing enter

2. After press enter will appear option for the language you will use I suggest to use bahasa english because this language is more universal
you can select “english – english” by pressing enter

3.Then you will be asked to choose the location where you are located please select “other> asia> indonesia
then select “asia” hit enter
then select “indonesia” press enter
4. Next you will be prompted to specify locales please select “United States – en_US.UTF-8”
5.Selanjutnya you will be prompted to choose the type or type of keyboard you use please select “American English” if you use qwerty keyboard

8.If your network is not connected or not using DHCP network you can configure your LAN card first with ip
9. After that you can configure your ip first by selecting “Configure network manully” press enter
10.Isikan your IP address
11. Next will exit auto gateway from your ip then hit enter

12. Next you will be asked to enter ip dns you can input the same ip with ip gateway
13. Then you are asked to enter the hostname
14. Next you are asked to enter a domain name
15. Next you will be asked to enter a password for user “ROOT”

16.Masukan once again your root password and then press enter

17. Then you are prompted to enter the full name of the new user you want to create and then enter
18.Then you are asked to enter usernname for new user then enter
19.New User Password
20.Make another password for the new user
21. Then you will be asked to enter time zone or time zones in Indonesia please select Western for WIB

22.Now you are in the process of selecting the second partition
23. Press enter
24.Select “All files in one partition” and press enter
25. Then select “Finish partitioning and write changes to disk” and press enter

26. Then select “yes” to “write the changes to disks” press enter

27.Then “scan another CD or DVD ….” select enter no enter
28.Then will appear “use a network mirror” select no then enter

29. Appear “participate in the package usage survey?” like the picture below please select “yes” then press enter

30. next you are asked to choose what software you want to install, to select software please you press space to mark bingtang then press enter if you have finished select

31.Then appear as shown below is “install the GRUB …” please select “yes” press enter
32.Then you will be asked to select where master boot loader will be installed select “/ dev / sda” or your hard drive press enter

33. After the installation is complete it will appear as shown below and select “continue” press enter and finish

Thank you ^^