Even though it sounds easy, not many motorcyclists understand how to do the right braking. Especially with the increasing level of traffic on the road, anything can happen. That’s why every motorcyclist should master the correct braking techniques.

Without the correct understanding, sudden braking can cause harm to motorcyclists. Some cases that might occur include the stuck front wheel or slippery road that causes the driver to lose balance.

Therefore, the proper braking technique is crucial in saving motorcyclists’ life in case of any possible accident. Here are some braking tips you can learn.

1. Pay attention to vehicle speed

Vehicle speed is a crucial factor for motorists when braking. The speed of the motor affects the portion of the front or rear brakes.

For example, when you are driving at speeds of around 30 km per hour, you should do braking using the rear brake. The reason is the use of front brakes at low speed can be dangerous because it can lock the front wheels, which makes the handlebars turn.

In this condition, motorcyclists would lose balance, which can lead to accidents.

2. A combination of front and rear brakes at medium speed

If motorists should use the rear brakes at low speeds, you should use a combination of using front and rear brakes at medium speeds ranging from 30-80 km per hour.

At medium speed, use the front brake first and then followed by the rear one. It is to reduce the vehicle speed.

3. Prioritize front brakes at high speeds

For high speeds, the recommended tips are to prioritize the use of front brakes. It aims to reduce vehicle speed. After that, the motorists can combine it with the use of rear brakes when the speed has slowed down.

Therefore, avoid driving the motor at high speed. Make sure your motorbike has the ABS (Anti Lock Braking System) braking system to prevent wheel locking when you hit brake suddenly. You can find various brands of vehicles with ABS braking systems only at www.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk