Advantages of Using a Computer Network for Companies

When you use technology for the company, surely you will consider what benefits you will gain later. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using computer networks for companies.

1. Data Sharing

With a computer network, data on a server computer is shared and used together. It is very beneficial for a company with multi-story buildings. By using this, employees don’t have to bother taking the elevator to request data or calling other offices.

2. Efficient Inter-Division Information Sharing

Computer networks make it easier to share information between company divisions. With a computer network, you can exchange information through chat, email, video conference, and VOIP applications.

3. Data security

Another advantage of a computer network is the variety of data security. With a computer network, you can give different access rights. You can set it so each division can only access specific data.

4. Integrated Data

Having integrated data will make the company more productive. You can connect the data with a computer network. For example, the warehouse division makes a report about existing product stock, and at the same time, the sales division can also make a sales report. With integrated data, you, as a leader, can check directly without having to call the division. If you find any data is mismatched, you can quickly take the necessary actions.

5. Healthier Finance

Last but not least, the advantage of using a computer network within a company is saving on expenses. Companies no longer need to allocate a budget for when employees need to send data to branches or offices outside the city or overseas.

There are many benefits for companies that are using a computer network, especially if your company is developing. If you are interested in a computer network for your office, Converged Communication Network Applications (CCNA) is an experienced company in the field of network design. They will help your computer network grow fast and safely. For more information, you can visit the website at