ETX Reviews – How Good Is This Online Broker?

Should you open an account with ETX Capital’s Forex and CFD Broker or not? – With more than 10 years of experience in online trading, we will test the broker in the following ETX reviews. We will give you a deeper look into the conditions for online trading and trading platforms. Learn about what the online broker ETX Capital offers traders. Should you invest your money? – Find out the ETX reviews in the next section.

What Is Etx Capital?

ETX Capital is a solid company that launched into the CFD business 50 years ago (Monecor Ltd). There is a wide range of trades at ETX Capital, the industry’s top leading Forex trading platform with healthy and competitive spreads. CFD brokers are known for providing customers with flexible trading encounters and providing additional useful materials such as educational materials for clients.

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Brokers like ETX Capital offer all their clients access to top competitive prices in over 5,000 multiple markets as well as balanced management of their customer service. Although this platform has many supporters or fans from all countries around the world, its main headquarters is in London. ETX Capital is the popular name for Monecor in London, the big company behind ETX Capital.

This broker is also authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA). It also has its roots in the London Stock Exchange (LSE). It is important to note that CFDs are a broad tool and can come with a high risk of losing real money quickly due to leverage. So it is advisable to first watch and understand how CFDs work well, but you can decide to put your money in only if you know the risks involved.

ETX Capital Regulations – Is this broker regulated?

The official regulations of online brokers are very important nowadays. before making an investment the regulatory status should be checked by the trader. Fraud can be excluded if the company is officially regulated by the authorities.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK strictly regulates the ETX Capital broker. It is one of the most famous regulations and licenses in the world. This includes financial security and trust. Through these regulations, we can recommend that brokers are safe to invest with.

In Europe, ETX Capital will enjoy a reputation for stable regulation, but this is not the case in the United States. Since the time the CFTC and NFA demanded updates to their operational structure and regulatory direction, a large number of FX companies have closed the systems of their FX brokerage allies in the United States. So, ETX Capital Company is part of a company that is folding its services from operations in the United States. Note that none of its services or products are transacted with citizens of the United States.

Financial Security For Traders

Just as previously mentioned, Monecor is the mother company of ETX Capital, listed under the LSE. The Capital ETX is primarily a UK-based FX broker. That’s why it’s regulated and controlled by the FCA. ETX Capital Company has a large presence in the EU region. Also, it has so many affiliates spread all over the world in countries like Africa, Russia, and the Middle East. Thus, the CFD broker is a trusted company that transacts transactions in high-quality financial services that do not affect customer trust in any form.

In general, any online brokerage regulated by FCA always has a fair percentage regarding and accountability to all of their clients, and ETX Capital, in particular, ensures that FCA complies with several terms and conditions with regards to ensuring that their customers are properly treated and protected from any harm. form of financial consequences.

Because the FCA regulates ETX capital, the Market in Financial Directive allows brokers to function as licensed entities throughout the European Union. There is a financial services compensation scheme (FSCS) that secures clients up to £85,000. If the bank or broker goes bankrupt you are very safe.

Facts about financial security:

• £85,000 financial services compensation scheme

• Regulated payment methods

• The broker uses a regulated EU bank

• The broker does not use client money for hedging or investing

• Listed Stock Exchange of holding company Monecor Ltd

The conclusion from the review: ETX Capital is a trusted online broker

To sum it all up, ETX Capital is an online broker that offers clients a wide variety of assets to trade. The CFD Broker prides itself on providing minimal spreads and quality customer support to help traders master trades and excel in them in the face of intense competition. The ETX Capital website has a quality interface and provides lots of tools and charts to make trading easy. In addition, ETX Capital allows clients to use the MT4 version for trading.

With over 50 years of existence in the business, plus being regulated under the FCA, the platform has proven to be a haven for any interested broker.