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Should You Run Ads for Your Business During Recession?

Gaining new leads and marketing are critical to getting your online business through a recession in a profitable way. Running ads is mostly seen as a discretionary cost when a business sees a decline and sales are low. 

But several businesses fail to recover from an economic crisis because they don’t see marketing tools as means to pull a significant ROI. With various research done over the years, it is proven that companies who continued with a stable marketing strategy during the recession came out of it with huge advantages and manage to bounce back stronger than their competitors. 

Market share of the online businesses that opt to run ads and basic marketing campaigns during an economic slump increased than the firms which chose to not advertise during that time. Here are a few things that should be kept in mind for businesses to run ads during the recession. 

Refine Marketing Strategies

A crucial factor for businesses is to calibrate their marketing strategies to survive an economic crisis. 

  • Focus on communicating your competitive advantage while reviewing your marketing strategies. 
  • It’s essential to develop strategies that guarantee effectiveness and productivity. In this aspect, pay per click management can help you run controlled advertising and manage emerging market trends. PPC is an effective marketing tool that helps you use resources in a calculative manner. 
  • Fabricate an overall marketing model that equates with your budget but does not cut off on ROI-oriented marketing. 
  • Cut off on unwanted placements and consult your digital marketing specialist to choose channels with more relevancy and a larger audience. 

Set Aside Ad Spending for Long Term

Running ads and advertising costs is a big category that involves broadcasting, online and other areas. Now in this broad term, ad spending which is a specific amount allocated to specific ad campaigns or ad sets can be monitored during the recession. 

  • Businesses can effectively set out a certain cash flow to Ad agencies for their services and still save a lump sum. 
  • Keeping your analytics in line, you can determine how much budget you want to allot to ad placements. 
  • You can set a limit for the long term which can smooth out your remaining resources for savings and other expenses. 
  • Aggressive advertising during an economic lump is never advised and should be regularly monitored. 

Manage Consumption Patterns

Customers are drawn to value-purchasing during the time of recession so it’s essential to analyze consumption patterns when your business runs ads for promotions. 

  • Reduce, replace and remove advertising costs that priorly had low ROI. 
  • Supporting brands excessively can run investments dry, but leaving it altogether can undermine the business’s revenue goals. 
  • Improve technology and systems which will increase the business’s online efficiency and make the business more competitive but reduce costs overall. 

Leverage a Loyal Customer Base

Be mindful of the customer body and their concern due to the economic churn. Businesses can run ads during this time by providing their loyal customers with services that add to their experience and acknowledge their emotions. 

  • Create messages and notifications that show consideration for the economic effect the audience might be facing. This will effectively let consumers relate to and trust your business more. 
  • Only focus on running ads about provisions and products that the user needs.


Facing a recession and coming out of it profitable can be a challenge for a lot of online businesses. Running ads during this time can be a great marketing tool while cutting down on excess costs. 

The company can monitor its PPC campaigns and align them according to audience preference. Effective planning and keeping customer concerns regarding valued purchasing in mind can help businesses advertise without aggressive expenses.