Bathroom tiles are more than just an interior room inspiration. In addition to the design and price, you must take into account the humidity, dirt, mud, soap scum, and risk of mold. Choosing the wrong type of tile will hurt you in terms of cost and effort to take care of it.

Just because one type of tile is suitable for another person doesn’t mean you have to choose the same. Here are the five best bathroom tiles ideas to make bathrooms more elegant.


Porcelain is a popular material for bathroom tiles. Tiles from this material are more absorbent than ordinary ceramics, and the price is quite affordable. Porcelain tiles come in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes, so you can be creative when building a bathroom.

Natural stone

Natural stone such as granite or marble creates a beautiful, elegant, and exotic look in your bathroom. Natural stone tiles also have a choice of colors and motifs that are diverse and elegant. Homes with natural stone tiles also tend to have reasonable prices if you intend to sell them back. Marble and granite are durable, making it suitable for permanent homes.


Vynil is a well-known material for its simple installation, and you can even do it yourself. This material comes in the form of tiles and sheets and has a variety of colors and patterns. Some Vynil has motives of natural wood or stone tiles so that you can get an expensive look at low prices. This tile is also ideal for a child’s bathroom or a laundry room.

Engineered Wood

Wood may sound awkward as material Bathroom tiles, but there are particular types of wood that are designed to hold water better than ordinary wood. Engineered wood will create an elegant bathroom look. This tile is also suitable for sauna tiles.

Laminated wood tiles

Laminated wood tiles are a more appropriate choice if you want wood tiles for the bathroom. This tile consists of a base in the form of wood chips. With a coating, laminated paper, that is injected with resin and has a pattern similar to wood. This tile gives a luxurious appearance identical to wood at a lower price.

By madin